Special thanks to the following
individuals and companies
who have lent their support in various ways to this project:

Reverend Nicholas Terezakis; my Father.
Who taught all that is important in life.

Arthur Clarke,
For the rich gifts of literature and the companionship of ideas.
Reading his, "Nine Billion Names of God" in 1967,
planted the seeds for this project.

James Seawright, for leadership by example.
Billy Kluuver, for showing me how things can be done.
Roberst Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns for defining the balance between aethetics and technology.

Arthur Williams
supporter and benefactor of the arts.

Alex and Allyson Grey
For years of friendship, support, and example.

Roger Malina, and LEONARDO for years of support.
Richard Humphrey, Tim Uckun, Larry Shaw ,James (PKK) Kelly, Timothy Binkley, Ph., D., Bruce Wands, Kirsten Solberg, Samantha Levin, Jarrett Demartino, Jane Runyeon,
Don Kidd, Robert Pepper, Richard G. McGinnis,
Mark Anderson, Magic Tiger, Thypin Steel and
Reading Body Works.